Customized Services

Transition Liquidation Services

Since 2002, Transitions Liquidation Services, Inc. has been creating and executing move plans and property liquidation to assist in a stress-free transition to a new phase of life.  As professional Move Managers, we have a commitment to helping older adults accomplish this transition in a compassionate and respectful manner.

We give our clients the ability to make planned decisions which achieve a smooth transition.  Transitions Liquidation Services coordinates with multiple service providers when their services are needed.  Our expertise in the process required to effect a seamless transition is both cost-effective and less emotionally draining for our clients.  We reach out to these resources when necessary to provide a one-source solution.

Working with TLS provides peace of mind and freedom from worry of what to do with “all that stuff.”

Our Services include:

  • Complimentary initial consultation to determine your goals and timeframe, review transition plans and items under consideration for retention or liquidation, and to develop a recommended statement of work.
  • Consultative services, charged at an hourly rate, to create a move plan and coordination services, including:
    • Layouts and floor plans
    • Mover estimates
    • Pre-packing, sorting, organization
    • Oversight of the packing and prepping, loading, moving, and unloading
    • Unpacking and set-up
  • Consultative services, charged at an hourly rate, to determine house contents, values of items, possible sales or donations, including:
    • Room-by-room inventory
    • Written appraisals
    • Antique dealer reviews
    • Used furniture dealer reviews
    • Consignment shop reviews
    • Shredding services
    • Investigation of eBay and other reliable sources for “like” products to establish current market prices
    • Investigation of charities for donation, including pick-up
  • Consultative services, charged at an hourly rate, to coordinate the disposal and/or donation of items which do not qualify for sale – includes obtaining the necessary donation tax documentation.
  • Coordination of liquidations over a specific timeline, charged at a percent of gross revenues.  On-site sales have a minimum commission fee to cover the cost of set-up, advertising and sales help.  We will discuss the specifics of your sales outlet and the associated fees during our initial consultation.
    • Initial sales of items to achieve a better “showing”
    • Partial liquidations to match downsized living space
    • Full liquidation of all household items
  • Consultative services, charged at an hourly rate, to complete or coordinate other related services, including:
    • Staging for home sales
    • Dumpster rentals and clean-out services
    • Plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.
    • Moving services and storage facilities
    • Broom swept final cleaning
    • National and International shipments

Transitions Liquidation Services offers a full-range of downsizing and professional move management services which are customized to fit each client’s unique needs, including personal property liquidation.

Download the Transitions Liquidation’s Services brochure to learn more.