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  • I’m moving and have too much to do! I can’t do it alone.

Moving to a new home – whether across the country or right around the corner – can be overwhelming.  There are many tasks that need to be accomplished and just thinking about them can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Transitions Liquidation Services has planned, organized, coordinated, and completed over 700 moves for clients experiencing varied transition points in their lives.  Our services can include everything from planning the move to arranging your furnishings and décor in your new home.  When we know what you are taking and what you no longer want, we’ll disposition of those things you don’t want to take with you (sell, donate, and dispose).

Together we can decide our respective roles during this life transition.  We’ll determine what you will want us to do and what you are able to do yourself.

Last year my husband and I decided to move out of our family home in Acton, MA after 22 years, downsize to a brownstone condo in the South End, and move his mom to her own condo in Acton. We knew we needed help organizing for the multiple moves and purging 22 years of “stuff” – both ours and his moms’. Marie and her staff were recommended to us and we never looked back! They provided us with a service that ended up being a life-saver to all of us. During the “purging” process, Marie came to our home multiple times and took away truckloads of items and helped us determine what was worth selling and what we could just donate. She also organized our move to Boston, my husband’s mom’s move, and also orchestrated another move of furniture and goods to our New Hampshire home. This included packing up at one end and unpacking at the other end. I recommend Marie and her staff without hesitation — downsizing is a difficult and emotional process and Marie really helps navigate through it to make it less stressful!!

Cheryl Beaudoin - Boston, Massachusetts